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'It came from space, and ate our brains' is a top down shooter with horde survival gameplay. The brain slurping aliens are only vulnerable to bullets. Using your flashlight, guns, and special powers help the player to take care of the unwanted pink guests. Triangle Studios focused on creating a unique atmospheric setting and addicting, straightforward gameplay.

Your name is Jerry, you're a bald, no-nonsense kind of guy equipped with a flashlight and you know how to handle a gun. You somehow managed to survive the invasion of a merciless alien species, the kind that feeds on human brains. Things look bad when you wander the city, looking for gear and weapons to survive. You notice a pink light emitting behind you. As you slowly turn around, you see a legion of aliens ready to harvest the contents of your skull. You realize there is only one thing left to do: set a new high score and die like a badass.


  • Top down shooter action
  • Horde survival gameplay
  • Weapon upgrades
  • 3 levels set in unique atmospheres
  • Deadly special items
  • Very addicting
  • Controller support
  • Endless waves of aliens
  • Easy to learn, hard to get these *#$% aliens off my back!
  • Contender for longest game title

It came from space, and ate our brains is available for Windows, OSX and Linux.

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